WonderWindow $ave$ Year-After-Year

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We focus on cold climates & high energy cost locations. 

See how much you could be saving today. 

View the Payback Analysis and request a report customized for your location and desired application.

Historic & Commercial Retrofits

Rock Point High School in Burlington, VT retrofits 104 windows, saving over $569 a year in this historic 1887 building with inefficient natural gas fired boilers and radiators. This project points the way to $15/hour labor could deliver a 22% compound annual rate of return on a $4,150 investment on labor + materials. This investment doubles in value every 3.5 years. Savings in kerosene or fuel-oil furnaces or boilers could be 2.3 times greater.

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WonderWindow in the Community

WonderWindow worked with student volunteers from St. Michael’s College in Colchester, VT installing WonderWindows on the mobile homes of low income seniors. 147 total window retrofits on 14 individual homes yield up to $3.90/sf of calculated annual energy savings for these kerosene-heated homes: one client is saving as much as $500.